Mar 25, 2012

Blogger to WordPress

My dear followers,

After some intense thinking I have decided to experiment with WordPress. I hope you can join me in this search for the best home for my blog through Bloglovin' or Facebook.

To New Beginnings!



Feb 19, 2012

What type of handbag is this?

I usually don't care if I call a purse by its correct name, they are all purses after all. But trying to be in the fashion circles lately, I feel obligated to learn the difference between a tote and a satchel, a hobo bag and a messenger, so on and so on. So here is how you can look bag-smart:


A "tote" is a shopping bag getting its name from the verb for "carry/haul". A tote can be a cloth bag used to do grocery shopping at Walmart or it can be a bag made by Burberry or Chanel. It is usually (and nothing is common in fashion) characterized by its large size and opening and square/rectangular shape.

Source: Atlantic-Pacific


The name source for this bag is interesting as well. It comes from its similarity to the piece of cloth hanging from a stick carried by hobos back in a day. As these shoulder bags are made of soft materials, they lack structure and tend to slouch.

Source: Net-A-Porter


Satchel bag - it comes from the french word for a small bag but I have seen satchels of all sizes. It usually has a wide flat bottom and two handles. Its variations include the Doctor's bag and the Bowling bag.


The Sling Bag has a long strap allowing it to rest on the lower back. It includes variations such as the saddle bag, the messenger bag, and the bucket bag.

Source : Mulberry

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Source: Tory Burch


Minaudiere is a small evening bag adorned in pieces of jewels, beads or metals.

Lanvin Minaudiere Satin Shell Clutch

Holly Fulton ‘Africa’ Clutch Bag

Michael Kors

Source: ASOS

Baguette - relatively long small purse


Marc Jacobs

Feb 16, 2012

Looking Back

Happy Thursday (or Friday) lovely ladies,

Here is a look back on some of my more focal pieces paired in three or more ways. I purchased this pair of jeans for a cameo in a hip-hop video (Rock N Rolla) but only my profile made it for less than 5 seconds (the second look below). I have tried to make the distressed jeans look more girlie and soft by pairing with open toe shoes and round toe pumps. From looking at the versions below, I like the third version the most, as the flowy top creates more balance with the tight fit jeans. Going back and putting these pics together helps me realize what I  could have done better. The next version I would try is with more relaxed, classic, and basic top and a scarf. And the next pair of distressed jeans will be with more relaxed fit and less rip.

I have always thought that pairing a leopard print skirt will be a challenging task but I get to realize that almost everything goes with animal print - leather jacket, stripes, denim (shirt),polka dots,  or a simple relaxed-fit tee. Again, next time I will try to create more balance for top and bottom, possibly with a denim shirt.

I got a little bit a obsessed with the school girl look but I have wanted to do it for years. I decided that if I don't do it before 35, I would not do it at all :) Similar to the leopard skirt, you can pair those boots and socks with pretty much anything. I personally would avoid pairing with tight-fitting skirts. Although I like the look with over the knee socks, I would not venture to do it either. 

Which is your favorite version of all three looks?


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