Jan 13, 2011

Oxford Styling

Yesterday, I found this great post by the one and only the Sartorialist. Instantly I fell in love with the model's look and I was on the hunt for her red and white "candy dipped" shoes. They are known as Oxford or Brogue and originated from Scotland and Ireland. So, I am on the hunt for some leather Oxfords, hopefully two-toned with patent leather. Here is a selection I had fun with on Polyvore.

Oxford Srtyling
Oxford Srtyling by teobak featuring patent leather boots


Alexandra said...

the ones that really make it through my brain as oxfords are the middle ones from the bottom row . But all the shoes are fab,especially the first ones<3

alexandra @

SOFIA said...

you blog amazing!!!!

Lee Oliveira said...

They are very pretty. I love to photograph girls in great shoes..
Great picks..
Lee x

Ramona said...

first from left hand side are my most favorite!But You have picked up very chic Oxfords!
Thank You for leaving so lovely coment and following me. I appreciate it! Now I'm following You! ;)

xo Ra

Charleston said...



diana kang said...

amazing picks! xx

Michelle said...

Super cute! I love all of these!

CarrieJo said...

I love any lace-up dress shoe! I just found your blog!



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