Feb 27, 2011

On a Sunday Afternoon

It is getting nicer and nicer outside and harder and harder to do computer work in the house. Here are some pics from Day 4 of 30 for 30. Going breezy so far but I know it will be harder later on.

It seems like I am in love with Guess jeans nowadays. I work in a casual environment and it seems I can't have enough of Guess jeans. And so happy that skinny jeans is not the only option now.

xxx, Teodora

Jeans - Guess, Dress Shirt - Banana Republic, Leather Jacket - custom made


Mary said...

You look so pretty;)
I love your jacket!
I just found your blog,it's very cute.I added to your followers:)

Ramona said...

Great look hun!
I like detailing on leather jacket!

xoxo Ra

Hayley said...

I am so with you on the skinny jeans thing, loving the flared legs and boyfriend cuts this spring! that jacket is awesome too!

lilmissmarch said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck with the 30 for 30! I'm sure you will enjoy it! : )

thefashionguitar said...

Great jacket!

xo thefashionguitar

Savannah said...

Oh my gosh that jacket is beautiful! I need it! :)

M & Em said...

Totally badass jacket. :) And lovely pictures!


Zaira Solano said...

I must agree....this is WAY more fun than doing office work inside. Looking great!


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