Nov 16, 2011

Blue Dangles

Bonjour My Beauties,

I would like to share with you my experience from the 4th Blue Dangles Boutique anniversary party. If I have to use two words to describe its style, they will be "fashion forward". It comes to no surprise, as the boutique, led by Tracey Gruber, works with thousands of designers from all over the world. Despite the vast selection of clothing, I was most impressed by the uniqueness of their jewelry. If you like their designs, you can find more on



Ramona said...

Oh, so many lovely things.
Teodora You look gorgeous.

xoxo Ra

Sarah said...

Oh wow, how amazing that you went to the anniversary party. You look gorgeous and I love all the pretty & unique accessories!


Eclectico said...

that the disposal of all beautiful things in this beautiful boutique and jewelry as well: D

Andrea said...

hey dear :)

thanks so much for your lovely comments :)

most of my jewelry is from h&m and vintage markets and from a german(i believe) shop called bijou brigitte :)

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great Job on the new site. You have worked really hard and it shows!!

Keep them coming Love!!

Happy Anniversary =)


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