Dec 11, 2010

Events: Glitz Glam & Lux - Part 2

The Glitz Glam & Lux event was a success for two reasons - the cause of 40 Girls and Some Shoes and the talent behind it - Mel Boteri and Donnie Wellz. I was trully inspired by their entrepreneurship and talent, as well as by their friendliness and unpretentiousness. I had the pleasure to talk to them for a few minutes and to learn a little bit about their labels. Launched in 2009, Mel Boteri is a business built on custom fashion. It gives the opportunity to each of us to be a designer for a day and have something made only for us. Mel Boteri provides the basic silhouette, but the client is the one that selects style, components, accessories and color. Here are some of the images from the event:

The talent behind Mel Boteri, Melanie Mueller

I was truly impressed when I saw a design by Dennis Williams for the first time - worn by one of his clients. I would describe his designs as modern, classy and perfectly tailored. The story of Donnie Wellz is truly inspirational as well as his creations.

A design by Donnie Wellz

The designer, Dennis Williams

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