Jun 6, 2011

Happy Monday

What makes a great weekend for Teodora? At least something I can replicate every weekend:

1. Lounging at the pool
2. Having fun with my cute lil hubby
3. Going to a fashion event
4. Shopping
5. Eating some heart attack foods - bacon and hot wings

After this "action" packed weekend, I could not have anything less than a "Happy Monday". Or at least I can try.... I look at every Monday as an opportunity to make it in the real world once again, and once again, and once again :)

xoxo, Teodora

Dress - BCBG
Purse - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Versace
Shoes - Gianni Bini
Sleeveless Cardigan - Wet Seal


Sarah said...

Oh, man, I need a weekend like that, ASAP. Mine was essays, work and drama! (: I'm glad your Monday was good. I love the bold colors of your outfit!

Amira said...

OMG! Love your wonderful dress and that belt! It's gorgeous!

joana said...

wonderful dress

Eclectico said...

Beautiful dress, different shades of coral and the combination with the gray, I am delighted

Savannah said...

I'm in love with your dress! Sounds like the perfect weekend for sure!

Sick by Trend said...

love that bag!!! gorgeous outfit honey!!! I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me! :)





i love your look!!you look amazing

Anonymous said...

Nenagledno nevigdono nicade po sveta.Ako moga neprekasnato bih gledala tova nezemno sashestvo.


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