Jul 12, 2011


Here is another great local gem we discovered in Pensacola Beach, FL - McGuires Irish Pub. I have to admit, the drinks, called Irish Wake, were my favorite in Pensacola - all I could remember is that they had Bacardi Rum 151 and they tasted summery and refreshing! My favorite desert was the gooey bread pudding with Bushmills Irish Whiskey! Delicious!

The bar has more than half a million in dollar bills on the walls - a tradition the owner started with a $1 tip back in1977, followed by customers. 

xoxo, Teodora

Irish Wake


Andrea said...

awww i love irish food and guinness :D great pics dear :)

Anonymous said...

Gladna sam gladna sam.Iskam da yam.

Ramona said...

Wow! I like sometimes go to pub when they have live music. In Irish pubs is so amazing atmosphere.
You look so gorgeous. It sounds you had so much fun!

xoxo Ra

Londyn said...

wow - what amazing looking drinks and food! looks like fun :)

Lucija said...

Great photos!



Channy said...

great blog I am following you


CLAUDET said...

great photos :)

nice blog,

Annalisa - Paris said...

funny place to be!


Flaviana Boni said...

nice pics honey!

Dress up for armageddon

Nadia said...

Hmmm... the memories. Sucha great little mini vacation. McGuire's was awesome and the reason all you remember 151 and summery is because it had 151! LOL!


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