Jul 19, 2011

My Better Fashionable Half

Hello there! I wish I could take all the credit for styling this outfit but unfortunately that will be a lie. Chris (my sweetie pie) thinks he is a fashion expert just because he is married to someone interested in fashion. I have to admit, though, that he is responsible for bringing this outfit to life. You can't imagine how impressed I was when he said that it needs a "pop of color". So I obliged and started digging in my closet for something colorful that will match the pearl gray and white of the silk top/skirt. Although pics don't show it well enough, the purple tank top helps a lot. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.





Melissa said...

And I must say that it was even more beautiful in person.. If that could even be possible.... Lol

Sabrina said...

Nice outfit! you have a really nice blog!

If you want follow me on blogger I will do the same!

behindblueeyes said...

Nice blog! You look great:)
really chic and elegant
I envy your, cause you've got awesome hair

follow me, please

Erika said...

I love your blog!!! and your top looks really nice, you look amazing here :)

following ur blog now :)pls also do check out mine, comment and follow if u like it! much much appreciated~


Aura said...

Pretty good job, must admit!


deniz saatçioğlu said...

Thanks a lot for your visit and comment. You look great. I really enjoyed your blog. Wanna follow each other?


Mariel Torres said...

you are absolutely GORGEOUS! love love love the hair lady ;)

Kat Tanita said...

thanks for your comment!! love the shirt!!



Anonymous said...

Edna mama vlubena v edna krasavistha.Namam ve4e tarpenie da vidja edno lubimo mikimaus4e.

Flaviana Boni said...

you are so beautiful honey!

Dress up for armageddon

Andrea said...

aww i love these pictures! you look so beautiful!

happy weekend!

Ramona said...

Well done Chris! I think he had great teacher ;)
Teodora, You look sexy and chic!Always so gorgeous!

xoxo Ra

cweb said...

Thanks!! And to think I didn't even go to school for it- haaaa LOL =)


Natalie Ryker said...

the watch is pretty



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