Dec 6, 2011

White after Labor Day

Hello my dears,

I can't remember growing up if wearing white in Bulgaria in the winter months was ever a taboo. It seems like it is more of a "unwritten law" in the US than in other parts of the world. Besides some practical reasons, I don't see why I cannot wear my favorite colors all year around. Here are a couple of suggestions how:

- Pair white with fall or winter colors - black, grey, earth and jewel tones. It also stands out so much more.
- It is preferable that whites are made of winter, heavier materials and textures such as wool and denim. This also helps with keeping your bum warm :)

Sweater - Max Azria
Jeans - Keneth Cole 
Purse - Michael Kors
Shoes - Jean-Michel Cazabat


Sarah said...

I love how you wore white, the jumper and jeans compliment each other perfectly!


M and C said...

wow!! so pretty:):)

Eclectico said...

wow your new shoes are great with this beautiful white pants: D, a super sleek look ... They should also look great with a black dress Audrey Hepburn type

Thank you for your nice messages on my blog and your record forever:) Kisses

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Those zebra shoes are fab!

keep in touch with fashion said...

amazing!!! love your shoes!!!
thank you so mutch for your stop and comment on my blog! if you like we can follow!! kisss

Shanna The Luxe said...

This look is gorgeous and the shoes... Lady, those shoes are Divine! Thanks for stopping by! :)


I'm with you, sweetie! I wear white all year round too. It's one of my favorite shades. Love how you styled it :) xoxo

Imke said...

Gorgeous! ♥

Xo, Imke

megan said...

nice blog :)

Denise Pacurar said...

LOVE your outfit! I have a very similar sweater top! You look beautiful!



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