Jan 2, 2012

Another Chance to Make It Right

Don't you feel like you just had your birthday all over again?

We get a second chance within twelve months to get on track with our resolutions which seem to be the same year after year for me. I don't have to be successful with all 20 of them, maybe 3 or 4. Or maybe one. And it is:


Yes, I know, not very specific, but I can start with small things such as going to bed at 10pm. If I finish what I start, I will naturally have the remaining 19 resolutions covered: work out 4 days/week, diets, weekly dates with the hubby, meditation, reading more, toastmastering, dancing and having fun, going to bed early, spending time with friends, be less sensitive, etc. etc. Imagine the side effects of getting things done such as confidence and faith. I have a clear picture in my head of what I want to be, so clear I can almost touch it. Most importantly, I have my hubby onboard so I have the support I need. This year I will be a member of winners' club. Do you care to join me?

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Jean-Michel Cazabat
Belt - Armani Exchange
Sunglasses - PRADA (borrowed which explains wearing sunglasses when dark outside)


Eclectico said...

Beautiful dress ... as usual!
Is also difficult for me to finish what I start that I get distracted easily and do many things at the same time I wish you success this year you make it so I also propose

Anonymous said...

Varhovna ti e rokljata,lubov moja.Blagodarja ti za hubavite dumi,kasavi4ka moja.

Andrea said...

gorgeous dress..you look fantastic!

i wish you & your family a happy 2012!

Mica said...

Happy new year to you, I like your resolution! Love that asos dress too I've been admiring it on site for a while I think after seeing your post I just have to buy it!


Jessa Belle said...

You are definitely a member in that dress! Gorgeous! Great outlook on the New Year... I should take a little of your advice too!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

June said...

Hi Teodora! Thanks for your comment and following. I am following you too :) You're looking really glam in that dress!! Happy New Year!

Celebrity Style Tips said...

Sure we can follow eachother. We are now following through GFC and bloglovin. Please follow us back on bloglovin.
The ASOS dress looks fab on you!
Have a great 2012!


Male said...

Very nice blog! I´m a new follower

sammycx said...

beautiful dress! happy new year!


Sarah said...

You look AMAZING! That dress looks incredible on you, I love the colour and the shape of it! I like your new years resolutions, I definitely need to read more. I am hoping to do a 'blog makeover' giveaway, when I start my course on html and get a little better at it :) xo


Soha♥ said...

You are so beautiful, like the dress you look stunning in it! XOXO

Bohemian vanity said...

You look great as always ! Love your pink dress ! XOXO Oh and belated happy new year :)

Nic said...

i love this look! the dress is great on you---that color is awesome!



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