Jan 29, 2012


Hello there,

I thought you might be upset that it is the end of the weekend so I decided to do a little giveaway to bring the spirits up. This giveaway celebrates my 100th post. It might seem like a small achievement to some but the experiences along the way are a great achievement and make it all worth it. Here is why I love blogging:

1) It gives me a way to spend more time with my hubby who takes my pictures while doing something different than watching TV

2) It has brought my style forward and out of the shell. It (my style) was really sheltered in an attempt to meet social acceptance

3) Taught me how to buy more with less

4) Led me to meet and communicate with some magnificent and engaging people

5) It is always a good topic to talk about with strangers when awkward silence is present

And of course there is a lot more and the support of my readers is the live juice of this blog. So here is one big:


Without further ado, here are the RULES of the giveaway:

1) Follow Teodora's Lookbook through GFC. If you don't have a GFC account, you can follow through Bloglovin. 
2) Leave a comment below mentioning your favorite item (they all go to the winner) and your email!
3) Open to current followers by leaving a comment
4) Open to US and international readers

The winner will be announced on February 14th. Good Luck!


Allen Family said...

All of the jewelery is so beautiful! I think I like the statement necklace the best. I follow you on GFC.

Sarah said...

Love it all, but the owl earrings are my faves!


Eclectico said...

Congratulations on the 100 Post and the improvements you've made in your blog.
- Page, my favorite is the Timeless classic that I love the symbol of the lily, but what I really love is always seeing your post that you always have and it looks super refreshing your loyalty as a blogger. I wish you many more post filled with surprises and successes. Greetings:)


Male said...

I love the rings!

Monse Fuentes said...

congrats for the 100th post!!

i really love the statement necklace <3

following via gfc



MerelyMarie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & for the lovely compliment:)

toledomama88 said...

I'm really loving those owl earrings! what a statement :)

I follow you on GFC

toledomama88 (at) yahoo (dot) com

sherry L. said...

I think the owl earings are so pretty! Congrats on your 100th post!! lilsis_75@hotmail.com

Mica said...

This is a great giveaway! Congrats on 100 posts! I love the owl earrings, too cute! :)

My email is mica259[at]gmail[dot]com and I am of course following you on GFC.

I also gave you a blogger award if you want to check it out :) http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/liebster-blog-award-and-acupuncture.html

Szappanbubi said...

Absolutely love the statement necklace!
Thank You and congrats for your pretty 100th 'child' :)

porcukorborso at gmail dot com

WearAbouts said...

I looove that statement necklace! congrats on your first giveaway, i'm a new follower by GFC! You have a fabulous blog, girl <3

Anonymous said...

A az da se kandidatiram li za nagrada.dali zasluŠ¶avam.

Anonymous said...

Zabravana kaza dnes 100 utre 200.

Michelle Lee said...

omg that owl earrings, lip necklace!
all so fabulous :)

great giveaway

Lily Lemontree said...

What a wonderful giveaway! They are all gorgeous but the statement necklace has really caught my eye!
Keeping my fingers crossed!


Miss Top Ten Image said...

Hello sweetie!! Thanks a lot for your visit and your comment on my blog! Hope you come back soon


soccermom1 said...

I am following gfc
I like the black charm bracelet the best

rjs682 at yahoo dot com

Bog-Bog said...

Cute earrings!

tsheriff said...

Congratulations Teddy. Your blog is great! Lovely giveaway!

Renee said...

I would have to say my favorite piece is the owl earrings. My Dad passed away in August and he loved owls, so I am a little obsessed w them right now.


Kat said...

I really like the statement necklace, followed closely by the owl earrings :)

email: katch05 at gmail dot com

LA Lynn's said...

Congrats on the 100th blog post darling...

I'm in AWE with the Statement Necklace... you can never go wrong with a piece that FAB!

I follow you GFC and my email is: shoplalynns@yahoo.com


yarner said...

All of your jewelry is beautiful, but I especially love the owl earrings! Thank you for the giveaway!

yarner said...

Oops, forgot to add my email -- t_grainger17 (at) yahoo (dot) ca


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