May 7, 2011

Sex and the City in Atlanta!

We should have more of those with the girlfriends - mimosa and mohito weekends. 
Sitting outside and soaking in the sun. 
Somehow we managed to get free drinks but it is not because some Thor looking guy got them for us. Nothing so fancy and romantic!

But it was perfect the way it was!

Blouse - Guess, Skirt - Bebe, Purse - Michael Kors


Ramona said...

Beautiful Teodora, You look so classy, feminine and sensual in this look and all those photos!
It's such a bless to have girlfriend time.

xoxo Ra

In A Fabulous World said...

love the handbag

joana said...

Absolutely FABULOUS

chloe chante said...

Nice photo's! & Love youre blog!
I'm following now!
wanna follow me?

Meekay said...

Fab outfit!

Larissa said...

you and your friends looks so stylish!

style'n said...

what a fun the color!


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