May 30, 2011

Start of Summer

Today is a Memorial Day in the US, the day of remembering the men and women who have died while serving and protecting the United States. The three-day weekend celebrated the last Monday in May denotes the informal beginning of summer. So in a summer fashion, I spent a good portion of my weekend at the pool in the great company of friends, fruity drinks and delicious barbecue food.
These outfit photos are from last week but definitely represent the start of summer.

Shirt - Fab'rik
Shoes - Jessica Simpson
Purse - Michael Kors


Larissa said...

Beautiful outfit! Looks so summery and cute, hope you had a great Memorial's Day weekend =)

le sorelle said...

what a lovely look! that top is such a beautiful color, and i love the detail on the shorts!

sorelle in style

Amira said...

Superb top!

Ramona said...

You look gorgeous Teodora! That ruffled top is pretty and I love that colour. You have choose wonderful accessories!
Happy Memorial Day darling!

xoxo Ra

Savannah said...

That first photo is great! I'm jealous of your summertime attire, it's pouring and cold here :(

Irene's Closet said...

Lovely top :)


Nadia said...

Great pictures! That teal top looks familiar;)YOu really know how to pose and can really sell the outfits you wear. YOu look gorgeous in all the pictures!


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